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The Shaul & Mary Tawil High School

Yeshivat Or Hatorah opened its doors to its first Freshman class in September of 1997. Since then, the Yeshiva has grown into one of the elite Yeshiva High Schools in the Brooklyn Syrian Community.

The Yeshiva has thus far graduated twenty classes and has watched their graduates become young pillars of the community. There is a beautiful mix of students attending the Yeshiva as evident by their post graduate activities. In the year after High School, approximately 30 percent of the graduates go to Israel to study, while the remainder attend College locally and enter the work force. 

The Yeshiva is located in the heart of the community on Homecrest Avenue between Avenue U & V. Due to the growth of the student body,  the Yeshiva undertook a $1.3 million dollar building expansion project. The students now have under one roof a Gym, Computer lab, Library, Classrooms, Bet Medrash and Dining Room.

In September of 2006 The Yeshiva opened up its Elementary division on East 15th street off Ave J. Quickly outgrowing those quarters, the Yeshiva relocated in September of 2008,  to 2959 Ave Y, one block past Nostrand Ave.

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